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Premier Advertising Specialties is a leader in the Tampa Bay area when it comes to creating custom signs. As a sign maker, we realize that not all signs fall into one category and that there is a strong need for custom signage.

Perhaps you own your own service business and have a need for signage which you can't find online. We make it easy to design and create these colorful, elegant custom signs for your business in a timely fashion. Our designers can work with you on your idea or you can simply tell them what you need and let them do the designing. Either way, your company winds up with a beautiful custom sign.

Our custom signs are made to order. We use only the best materials for our signs and you can expect top quality in all of our custom products. We can produce for you the exact sign you need at a price that won't put you over budget.

It can be difficult to get pricing information online when it comes to custom signage! If you have an idea for a custom sign and need help with pricing, or you have other questions about our custom signage please feel free to contact us or complete an online quote form located in the lower left hand corner of our pages.

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